Monday, August 5, 2013

See You In 20 Months: Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

Before 2013's San Diego Comic-Con, I would wake up at night in a panic, wondering if I had tickets.  I would soon calm down and remember that I bought tickets in August of 2012.  That's right, Comic-Con 2012 was in July and I bought tickets for the next year a month later.  So imagine my surprise, not-surprise when I found out tickets for 2015's Star Wars Celebration go on sale THIS week.  Yes, that's 20 months, nearly TWO years ahead of time.  We all know this will be a huge event in Southern California but two years?  Jeebus!

Ah well, I'll be ready at 7:00AM to get tickets and excited in two years for my first look at the new trilogy while picking up some power converters from Tosche Station.

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