Thursday, August 15, 2013

Quick Workout of the Day: Take the Stairs

Do you work in an office?  Do you sit at a desk?  Are co-workers constantly plying you with homemade and store bought treats?  Do you fear waking up fat and deaded?

If so, get up right now and take a lap around the office.  Better yet, go outside and get some "fresh" air.  Better, better yet, take a few flights of stairs!

I promise it won't take more than a minute as a flight of stairs is generally between 12 and 17 steps.  You can take them one, two or three at a time to work your quads and calves.  You can walk up backwards holding on to the rail and work more of your front quads.  If want to get the heart pumping even more, jump to each step for a hit of plyometrics for maximum effort in minimal time.

If you don't have access to a flight of stairs, walk to the restroom or water cooler, shake out your arms and neck.  It's good for you.

Check out this excited person's office routine:

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