Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Workout of the Day: Comic-Con'do Edition II

It was a low key Comic-Con for me this year.  No way was I going to wake up at 4:00AM to get in line for Hall H.  Instead I found myself watching a marathon of Highlander on SyFy and hitting the gym for a day of Back and Triceps.  It was a typical superset affair, which is one exercise for Back then one for Triceps with no rest.  You move through your workout faster and your muscles get an alternate pump with each set.

1)  Wide Grip Chin Up/Bench Dip x 10-12/25 reps x 3 Sets
2)  Low Cable Row/Straight Bar Pushdown x 12/12 reps x 3 Sets
3)  Stiff Arm Pulldown/Lying Dumbbell Extension x 12/12 reps x 3 Sets

4)  Crunches/Hyper extensions on Swiss ball for abs and lower back.

One of the most common complaints people have is lower back pain.  They always confirm training abs but never train their back.  Then a light comes on that only training one side of your body makes it pull forward, stressing the back.  Foreheads...

5)  15 minutes on stationary bike while reading Con schedule

I was cleaned up and at the San Diego Convention Center by Noon where I saw Highlander star Adrian Paul signing autographs.  The line was pretty long on my first pass but coming back later there was a break and I got to meet him briefly and ask him about Dead Men Can't Dance, a little action flick he did in 1997 with Michael Biehn.

Maybe I should have told him I write for Dammaged Goods and went for a full interview...

Here's JCVD himself supersetting Chest and Back:

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