Wednesday, July 10, 2013

That's My Motto

"You know what's really cool?  Being cool with yourself."

It's the simplest yet most difficult thing to do isn't it?  But when you know who you are and know what you like, people around you pick up on it and in this case, send you stuff because it reminded them of you.  Today I am the fortunate recipient of a Limited Edition, Complete Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Big Trouble In Little China by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth.

Big Trouble is one of those movies people either:  Love, Have Never Seen or Don't Get.  I, fortunately, got it and love every minute of it.  In what  would be the 4th of their 5 collaborations, star Kurt Russell and director Carpenter give us their most fun and kinetic collaboration.  It's a buddy/action/adventure movie filled with kung-fu fighting, Chinese mysticism, sorcery, monsters, quotable lines, James
Hong, Victor Wong, Chinese food, the Asian Eric Bischoff, mullets, tall leather boots (for men), plaid suits, Al Leong, knife throwing, expanding henchman, Raiden's father (Get over here!) and big rig drifting.

Carpenter produced some of the most iconic and atmospheric music of the 1980's.  Halloween, Assault From Precinct 13, Starman, Escape From New York, BTILC and so many others have some of the coolest and catchiest themes in cinema.  The two disk set boasts 20 tracks with another 2 as       bonus and an insert booklet with filled with facts, history and quotes from Carpenter himself.  It's Asian tinged synth with some rockin' guitars for  back bone.  The title track features Mr. John Carpenter himself on vocals.

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