Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Get To Da Comic-Con'do! Arnold Forever

It has begun!  San Diego has once again been invaded by "weirdos" (because bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars is so much less note worthy than a handsy, sexual harasser mayor) for the annual gathering and celebration of creative and popular arts.

And who is a big name at the show?  Why the King of Kings himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger!  The Austrian Oak will be on hand with bromantic partner Sylvester Stallone on Thursday to introduce a screening of their new film, Escape Plan, which marks the first pairing of a duo that defined cinema and leading men for a decade.  Sly plays a prison break expert who is sent up and needs Arnold's help to bust out and find out who set him up.  I saw the flick at a test screening last year and it was good times, a definite popcorn showcase for both men.

Lionsgate/Summit's booth was absolutely nuts with at least three different lines running for Hunger Games pins, tee shirt printing and poster/promotional item giveaways for HG, Ender's Game, Red 2 and EP.  A few feet down the floor was another Arnold-centric booth albeit much less crowded announcing the 3D release of 1987 classic, Predator.  Apparently, if you pre-order the Blu-Ray, you will have your face laser scanned, 3D printed to existence and placed on a Predator statue as his decapitated prize...

Over here.  Anytime.  Sexual Tyrannosaur.  Chopper.  Big as a house.

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