Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gotta Eat! Penguin Fish and Chips

After that great workout at the beach; with the sun on my shoulders, breeze in my face and the smell of the ocean in my nose, what better way to begin the recuperation process than enjoying some fresh sea food, right?  Fish is full of lean protein, healthy fats and is generally low in fat and calories... Well, remember how I told you I'm a former chubby kid?  A big part of that reason is because I love to eat.  And as I've come of age, that now includes drinking.  So basically I work out to eat out.  You can eat to live or live to eat, right?

Today's gastronomical (mis?) adventure comes courtesy of Penguin Fish and Chips on Pico.  I pass this hole in the wall on my many trips to McDonald's.  But after a disappointing batch of McNuggets last week I decided to pump the brakes and turn early.  A case in front displays all of their oceanic options.  So at least it's fresh, I think.  I opted for a combo dinner in order to get a taste of their menu.  Red Snapper, shrimp and oysters all deep fried to golden deliciousness with a side of macaroni salad, hush puppies and fries.

After tearing through half of it (restraint in older age), I quickly fell into a growth nap to prepare for the night's festivities, Beetlejuice at the Oscars Outdoors.

Bobby Flay and his take on Fish, chips, cup o' tea:

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