Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gotta Eat! Bobcat Bites

Bobcat Bite is a small, family run restaurant on the outskirts of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Their Green Chile burger was featured in the documentary Hamburger America as well as the pages of GQ.  For over ten years, Bonnie and John Eckre ran the cozy joint (and I mean cozy like someone built an extra room on their house cozy).  Unfortunately, the Eckre's and the property owners couldn't see eye to eye on the future of the Bite and decided to part ways.

It seemed like fate that I would be in the area on their last weekend of operation so I could try the famous food before the doors closed.  Eleven of us trekked out of the city and onto I-25, the Old Las Vegas Highway.  Bobcat Bite is literally in the middle of nowhere.  You're driving and there it is.  The place was packed with multiple parties waiting outside.  Being the final days and only being able to hold 28 patrons, we figured a wait was in order.  Unfortunately, the 90 minute wait time was just a little longer than we could afford.

Since I can't regale with you with my experience, we'll let the experts:

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