Sunday, May 19, 2013

24 Hours: 1 Work Out and 5 Movies

Seeing 5 movies in 24 hours seems like a lot, and it is but really it's only about 10 hours worth of programming.  Subtract another 3 hours of driving and waiting, 6 more for sleeping and that still leaves you 5 hours to do whatever you want.  Might as well get in a work out, right?

8:03AM, Saturday, 5.18...

Here's what I got in upon rising on Saturday after the midnight screening of Tango & Cash.  I did this on an empty stomach and as a giant set repeated 3 times for Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps.

1)  Arnold Press/Spider Curl/Close Grip Bench
2)  Dumbbell Upright Row/Hammer Curl/Lying Dumbbell Extensions
3)  Cable lateral raises for all three heads/Cable Curl/Cable Kickback

Calf Raises and Forearms

The first tri-set of this giant set is for size, the second for shape and the third for definition.  Followed it up with a shake of whey and dextrose and got ready for movie 2 of 5 for the day, Robocop!

Here's the King of Kings training arms and putting out the vibe:

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